A Solution To Coronavirus Lay-Offs

Coronavirus Lay-Offs

With the recent public health pandemic and fear over the Coronavirus, many companies are seeking out opportunities to cut costs, recover losses, and possibly shut down operations. This, obviously, is becoming a major loss to employees across North America.

As people start searching for work grows with the spread of the virus itself, people have begun looking to the sharing economy as their alternative solution. As one of the first of its kind, Ruckify, a rent anything peer-to-peer marketplace offers a unique opportunity to people to generate an income.

Manufacturing production has plummeted in China.

What Is Ruckify?

To provide context, Ruckify is an app that allows anyone to go on and rent out anything from people in their community. Or rent out to anyone in their community for person to person collaborative consumption. By posting different items around your home like furniture, electronics, books, appliances, and even decor, you can generate cash. As well, this will help jumpstart your role in the sharing economy. 

Short-term rentals have somewhat of an infinite return on investment it is very easy to cycle items through multiple bookings. Especially by gathering a number of credible reviews, and growing more and more in the share of everything marketplace. 

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has grown to now make it possible for other people to engage in social distancing while also making money. While Ruckify takes it a step further and offers RuckifyExpress, a rental delivery service to facilitate the curbside exchange so you barely have to lift a finger.  

So, with the spread of the coronavirus, Ruckify will become an easy alternative for the community, making this the perfect time to sign up and build your RuckifyStore. As the traditional economy battles within itself with stocks and international shipments, the sharing economy will be what people turn to. 

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Effects Of Coronavirus

People will start to consider canceling trips overseas. Maybe, they will consider making their backyard into their own oasis, with recreational fun and lounge chairs. Families could make vacations out of camping where they will need to rent a trailer, tent, cooking supplies, and more. Public gyms may shut down and people will look for different means of working out like renting dumbbells, medicine balls, major exercise equipment, and more. Offices might turn to work from home to ensure employee safety, where people will need to rent desks, monitors, printers, and other office supplies. Or if stores start shutting down and buying a board game to stay entertained is no longer an option people will look to rent. 

When things shut down, Ruckify’s marketplace will not. So while renting will be useful for emergencies, posting items will generate that extra cash that won’t hurt during economical times such as this. Download the app, or check out the website to start building your RuckifyStore today. Don’t worry, there are no hidden fees or subscription pricing, sign-up is completely free and Ruckify only takes 10% of a successful transaction.

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