5 Step Guide To Planting A Tree Sapling

tree sapling ready to be planted

Planting a tree sapling

In celebration of Ruckify’s #TreeMonth, let’s talk about the easiest and best way to plant your new baby sapling. Understand that this is a lifelong investment. How well your tree grows depends on the care you provide during planting, and the follow-up care afterward. Getting your new tree off to a healthy start will help the sapling mature to its full size, and ensure it will have a positive effect on our environment throughout its lifetime.

Here is your 5-step guide

  1. Understand it is essential you give your baby tree sapling the very best start in life. Plant it while it is fresh, or be sure to soak the roots for 4-5 hours if you find they have dried out. 

    Bobo’s ready to plant his first seedling – are you?
  2. Choose the right time to plant. The odds of your tree surviving relies critically on the weather conditions at the time of planting.  **Ideal conditions for planting are in late winter and early spring. In cooler zones, saplings should be planted in the early spring or end of summer. The ground must be thawed, but it also can not be too hot, so a breezy and cloudy day would be just perfect!**                     
  3. The depth at which you plant the tree will have a direct effect on its chances of survival. Be sure not to plant your sapling too deep, and that the uppermost roots are slightly exposed, covered only with a thin layer of soil. 

    If you plant it too deep, the roots may not get enough oxygen and the tree will be more exposed to potential diseases from the soil.
    If you plant it too shallow, the roots may dry out. The tree will also be less stable and have a greater chance of falling over.
  4. Don’t forget to water! A sapling actually does not need as much water as you would probably assume. We recommend a good saturation every 7-10 days. Let the soil feed off of that for the week until it is completely dry, and then water deeply again. The roots will grow deeper into the ground and will have an easier time finding water if needed.                                                                                 Two baby tree saplings in front of water 
  5. Protect your baby tree from creatures and critters. Many forest animals see new saplings as tasty little treats. Consider putting a plastic tube around your tiny tree, and as it grows, upgrade to metal posts and wire to keep the hungry animals away.
Young woman hold two baby tree saplings to plant
Paige is now equipped with the tips to plant her saplings.


Signs your seedling may be sick and needs some extra TLC yellow/brown needles, holes in the bark, leaking sap.

Why should you get involved? Get informed here

For a detailed guide on planting tree saplings, visit the Ferguson Tree Nursery

Don’t have the garden space to plant a tree of your own? Leave a comment below, or sign up here and Ruckify will plant TEN trees on your behalf in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects.

  1. can teach you how to write
    can teach you how to write
    October 6, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Specifying all the steps is the task number one when it comes to planting a tree. Do not say, “Even a kid will do that!”

  2. need to get an outstanding result
    need to get an outstanding result
    November 13, 2019 at 5:43 am

    Thank you for this post, I always wanted to plant a tree but didn’t know how, but with the guide you’ve posted, I believe that I will manage to plant one.

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