Master Family Night With These Unique Rentals on Ruckify

When it comes to family nights, the stakes are high to make sure that your night is an unforgettable blast! However, once you have exhausted your list of things to do for family night, it may be hard to know how to make your next family night special without breaking the bank. Luckily, Ruckify is […]

Stay Fit With These Awesome Rentals on Ruckify!

Have you considered setting up a home gym but can’t bare to spend hundreds of dollars on pricey equipment? Maybe the fitness equipment you’re considering purchasing has been heavily recommended by a friend?  Either way, you can’t be sure you’re going to like it until you try it for yourself. Renting what you need costs […]

Here are 5 Items That You Didn’t Know You Could Rent on Ruckify

Ruckify is the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace that enables you to rent or share virtually any item. Ruckify is the perfect place for anyone to discover an item they only need temporarily, whether it be for a hobby, event, work, or even a special project! The most exciting part? You can find absolutely […]

In Need of a Fancy Dress or Snazzy Blazer? Ruckify Has You Covered!

Some occasions require a certain look. You can’t show up at your best friend’s wedding wearing your thrifted chunky knit cardigan and funky rainbow leggings. No matter how much of a steal these items were or how cool they might make you feel, the bride probably won’t be very happy about your quirky outfit.  So […]

Find Everything From Manuals to Magazines on Ruckify!

Reading can be an expensive habit, especially when you’re on a budget. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable ways to enjoy an amazing book. For one, you can rent them! Ruckify allows you to rent books across multiple genres while additionally allowing you to post your own books so other people in your community […]

Rent Anything You Might Need for Your Next Adventure on Ruckify!

Have you ever wondered why people don’t park their cars in their garages? It’s most likely because they’re filled with stuff they hardly ever use.  Boxes of camping supplies, dust covered suitcases, and all kinds of gadgets and toys. Years later these items are sold at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar. Fortunately, […]

Here are 6 Awesome Tool Rentals That You Can Rent on Ruckify Right Now!

Buying tools and supplies we need can be expensive, more so if we only intend on using the item once. What if there was another way? Thankfully, there is! Ruckify allows you to rent things that you need for the time you need them, helping you save tons of money! Not only can you rent […]

Grow Your RuckifyStore: Advice from Ruckify’s Own

Ruckify is the world’s largest peer-to-peer rental marketplace that enables you to share items within your community. As an Owner, you are given the opportunity to post any of your items on Ruckify to earn money or start your very own side-hustle! Ruckify gives you the opportunity to set up all of your rentals in […]

Rent Electronics for Any Occasion on Ruckify

The idea of renting what you need instead of buying isn’t a new concept- especially for electronics. Perhaps you only need an item for a day or two? Instead of spending your hard-earned money on the full price, why not rent what you need on Ruckify? Ruckify is the world’s largest rental marketplace for absolutely […]

Camp in Style in One of These Unique Trailer Rentals!

From some amazingly futuristic RVs, fully-equipped 5th Wheelers, cool toy haulers, space-age teardrops, modern-day travel trailers and retro-inspired ones, Ruckify has them all. Whether you’re  a first-time renter, an occasional RVer, or a seasoned camper, getting a trailer in your ideal budget, size or style isn’t a hassle. All you need to do is simply […]