20 Fun Fall Activities You Have To Try

The hot summer is over, and we welcome fall’s crisp cool air, sun-filled evenings, pink skies, and colorful landscapes. Although at first, we find it hard to let go of those hot summer nights, once the sting wears off, we fall in love with fall all over again. It’s the season of pumpkin patches, harvest, of picturesque warm landscapes, comfort food, and cozy drinks in front of the fire. 

Here are 20 experiences you can create this season with friends, family, and loved ones (even the furry ones) using rented items!

For the adventurous 

1- Get outside and take in the colors of fall with a bike ride or hike through the city’s scenic trails. The landscapes of the still forest will leave you breathless.

2- Canoe the lake one last time. Although you may not be able to swim or tan, there’s nothing like staring over a cool, clear lake during the calm of autumn. Take in the beauty through a dreamier lens.

3- Return to your childhood by taking a flying leap into a pile of crunchy leaves. Gather a team, rent a supply of leaf blowers and rakes, and see who can build the tallest mound. The crunching sound of the leaves beneath your body, the adrenaline rush of the fall in, and the dry, earthy smell are the true essence of fall.

4- Rent a tent and go camping! When many people are packing up after the long summer season, others head out for some of the best camping of the year. Fall is a prime season for wildlife spotting and enjoying the outdoors without the hassle of bugs. Fall can also be one of the most beautiful seasons for viewing foliage, as trees burst with bright orange, yellow and red.

It's Autumn, Perfect Time For Camping, Not To Hot, And Just Not As Cold. Bringing A Pet Is A Great Idea, Because It could Run Free Through Wilderness Area.

5- Although it may require renting some extra gear, fall is the season for fishing. You may have to go a bit deeper to catch that bass, muskie or walleye, but you can still bring back quite a haul of tasty fish. Just make sure you double-check when the season ends.

For the entertainer

6- Host a scary movie night outdoors. As the nights grow colder and the misty evenings are filled with the whistling of the wind, there could not be a more perfect time to head outdoors with your rented projector and screen, and have the outdoor atmosphere spook up your movie setting. Get in the spirit by turning out the lights and turning on your favorite scary movie—choose from any of these top spooky flicks!

7- Celebrate Friendsgiving with an outdoor picnic. The weather is perfect. Why not enjoy it with a nice picnic lunch at a local park? You can make it even better if you pack a couple of autumn treats, like apple cider and pumpkin pie!

Photo of a multi generation family having a celebratory toast over Thanksgiving dining table, during dinner

8- After you leave a corn maze, host your very own corn roast.  You may find yourself craving a big, buttery ear of the stuff. Fire up the barbecue, get together with friends and family, and enjoy the autumn’s golden harvest.

9- Go with the spirit of the season and gather your friends over for a murder mystery party, sure to spark laughs. Murder mystery kits will help get you started, and these great novels might also put you in the mood.

10- Dry fall branches make for perfect bonfire kindling, so take advantage and have a bonfire. Cook outdoors: bake some potatoes in foil, roast hot dogs, and make sure to bring the ingredients for s’mores. Tip: don’t have a fire pit? Rent an electric fire pit and extension cord, and turn your backyard into a fall oasis. 

Young family is warming near campfire late evening at a beautiful canadian chalet

for the Halloween enthusiast 

11- When you’re trying to find the perfect Halloween costume for the kids, family, group, or couple costume, it’s scary how easy it is to spend a lot of money on store-bought costumes. Plus, you never know who else might show up in the exact same costume at a house down the block! Consider renting something more extravagant or homemade, better yet, grab some supplies and DIY a one-of-a-kind showstopper! Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore (honestly, was it ever?). Now’s the perfect time to begin prepping a killer Halloween party costume guaranteed to stun. 

12- Visit your nearest pumpkin patch and carve a spooky pumpkin, and don’t forget to keep the seeds! The process of choosing the perfect size and shape of pumpkin is an essential fall rite—as is trying to capture the perfect expression with your rented carving tools. Save the pumpkin guts for delicious, home-roasted pumpkin seeds. Choose the perfect mixture of spices, toss them on a baking pan, and voilà: a delicious, crunchy snack.

13- Turn your garage into a haunted house for trick or treaters. Some people like to decorate their houses for Halloween. Other people like to transform their homes into terrifying haunted houses. A little DIYing, and some over-the-top rented decorations can help you get there, whether you want to create a full-blown experience for trick-or-treaters or you’re just looking to decorate a little.

14- What better way to spend your favorite holiday than by hosting the most epic Halloween party. Rent a karaoke machine for the night, invite friends and family, and put on a Monster Mash of a good time! Don’t forget to put together a prize pack for the best costume. 

Group of young friends dressed in costumes dancing and playing together at a Halloween party. One of their parents is playing alongside them, also dressed in a costume.

15- Don’t forget your furballs! Pets deserve to celebrate the spooky season and dress up while chaperoning the little ones on Halloween night. Create a crafty pet costume! As the temperature drops, make sure you and your fluffy friends are bundled up properly. 

Domestic dogs dressed in ghost costume for Halloween

For the basic witch of fall 

16- Fall is the season of the pumpkin-spice latte, but this year, why not save a few dollars and make your own? All it takes are some simple ingredients and your favorite espresso to create the perfect DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte. Try this recipe

Woman holding glass of tasty pumpkin spice latte on wooden table, flat lay composition

17- It’s time to get rid of some of your summer clothes, and perhaps acquire some warmer attire. A clothing swap is a great, non-wasteful way to get rid of items and perhaps pick up some new ones. Any clothes that don’t get swapped can be donated to a shelter or rented out on the Ruckify platform.

18- Get some pals together, rent a wicked camera, and have a fall photoshoot. Use the autumn landscapes as your backdrop, with the brilliant fall colors framing your subjects. Take a hike or head to your favorite outdoor spot with your family and capture that perfect family portrait.

Two hands holding a camera and taking pictures of a couple in a forest area

19- Once you’ve picked apples from the orchard, you can start the process of turning them into spiced apple cider that you can enjoy on cool fall evenings. Spice things up by making hard cider.

20- Rent that Kitchen-Aid mixer and baking kit and bake every pumpkin-related treat you can think of! Try making these brown butter pumpkin cupcakes with delicious salted caramel frosting! They are sure to impress pumpkin lovers everywhere. 

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Unfortunately, it never seems to last long enough. Seasons come and go — but don’t let the beauty pass you by because you’re on a budget. Try using Ruckify to rent the items you need to get out and make new memories.

So, before the snow takes over our planet and covers up all the glorious colorful leaves, get renting and get out and try any of these activities with your family and friends!

There are so many ways you can have fun and save money this fall. And hey—we want to see how creative you get with fall activities this year. Post a photo of your adventures on social media and tag #LetsRuckify so we can cheer you on!

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