#100ReasonsWhy we Love Working at Ruckify

Founded in Ottawa, Canada, in 2017 with a dream to change the world, Ruckify’s rent anything marketplace provides an accessible platform for everyone to use. Not only does Ruckify provide people with the ability to start their own business, lower their carbon footprint, and share items within their communities, but Ruckify has also been a driving force in making the sharing economy accessible to each and every one of us.

Each one of these pillars make Ruckify a special and exhilarating place to work but we wanted to take it one step further by asking our employees how they felt. In order to showcase what it’s really like to work at Ruckify, we developed the #100ReasonsWhy campaign where we asked Ruckify employees to share why they love working at Ruckify.  

 “We get to wake up with goosebumps every morning because we know that we get to help people every single day. It’s an awesome feeling.” This is what Ruckify Co-Founder, Steve Cody said when asked how he felt about working at Ruckify and we noticed that it was a common theme amongst responses.

Here’s What Some of Our Employees Had to Say:

“Finding a company this valuable and intangible is rare. We are leaders within the sharing economy but internally at Ruckify we are sharing experiences. We share experiences through communication, collaboration and a common goal… to change the world.”-  Adrienne Taylor, Social Marketing Manager 

“I love working with such an awesome team! Everyone is so passionate about the company and their role, it gives me energy! It’s nice to be surrounded (even while remote) by people who love what they do and support everyone around them at the same time. Everyone’s success is important to every other person and it’s super cool to have that culture built in to every single day.”- Emilie Parson, Supply Development Manager

“I love working at Ruckify as I get a new challenge every day. It all comes down to helping make lives better.”-  Paul Howard, Ruckify Referral Program & Special Projects

“You can leave your mark on the business, product and people that you work with. Your ideas and contribution matter as much as your colleagues no matter the role and they actually are heard and implemented and not tossed into the abyss. You drive positive change and progression with yourself, company & product.”- Aaron O’Neill, Director of Community Trust & Safety 

“Opportunity. I started at Ruckify on the curation team, then I moved to Quality Assurance, then to User Experience and the Product team – Which is my dream job! If you work hard, are curious and willing to learn, you can get exactly where you want to be!”-  Joseph Kearnan, UX Designer 

“Ruckify has empowered its employees to work remotely, and without geographical barriers. That means picking the best talent, wherever it is! With it’s initiatives like team alignments, Lunch & Learn, and Trivia Night, we are encouraged to work collaboratively, while still being autonomous.”-  Ziad El Shourbagy, Toronto City Growth Manager 

Join The Ruckify Team Today

Are you passionate about your community and perpetually curious? We’re always looking for passionate, hard-working individuals to join the team. If you thrive in a fast-paced work environment, have a customer first mentality, and crave new challenges then we would love to hear from you! Interested in joining the team? Apply to Ruckify today!

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