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6.54 km

keep the band going

Aaron - Ottawa
8.41 km

Easy & fun to use and even learn on.

Raymond - Ottawa
16.76 km

Fun and very loud! Guitar & amplifier combo.

Craig - Ottawa
24.85 km

Six channel mixer to solve your audio problems!

Joseph - Ottawa
19.63 km

Jam out with this electric guitar

Emily - Ottawa
19.63 km

Turn it up to 11 with this amp

Emily - Ottawa
3.2 km

Barely used cornet

Zak - Ottawa
6.86 km

With bow and case

Sarah - Ottawa
6.86 km

With bow and case

Sarah - Ottawa
8.54 km

Brand new. used for less than an hour

Sahaj - Ottawa
8.56 km

Try before you buy!

Stacey - Ottawa
8.56 km

Great adult guitar

Stacey - Ottawa
9.82 km

produces amazing sound and great feel with the Fender Fa-series

Ben - Ottawa
9.81 km

Basic acoustic guitar for beginners

YUN - Gatineau
4.38 km

Awesome Simon and Patrick acoustic 6 string

Lisa - OttawA
19.96 km

Good for anyone who wants to try using an electric guitar before buying one.

Peter - Ottawa